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Beauty from within: Collagen powder supplements for youthful and healthy skin

The increasing collagen consumption trend is expected to continue: MarketWatch forecasts that the global collagen market value will rise at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of +5.5% from 2021 to 2026. The popularity of our collagen peptides and other collagen solutions in the beauty market is rapidly growing.  

We know from many years of scientific research and experience, that beautiful skin and hair on the outside require a healthy foundation on the inside. Demand for ingestible beauty products, or nutricosmetics, is now rapidly spreading across the globe, as consumers gain more and more confidence in their proven benefits. Aging, the elasticity of your skin, the glow that radiates from your face, the thickness of your hair, and the strength of your nails all depend upon collagen. 

Benefits of collagen for beauty from within 

With the highest-quality skin-loving ingredients out there, Inner Beauty Collagen will have you glowing from the inside out in no time—as little as three weeks, actually! You’ll discover additional benefits, such as: 

  • Maintaining optimal hydration levels in the cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles 
  • Providing hydration to the skin to reduce dryness 
  • Improved smoothness and elasticity 
  • Support for healthy skin by balancing the gut microbiome 

Why should you choose freshwater fish collagen peptides? 

Freshwater fish collagen peptide is a type 1 collagen that is sourced sustainably and without a negative impact on the environment. Type 1 collagen is the most common type of collagen found in the human body and plays an important role in bone, skin, and connective tissue. Collagen is naturally produced by the human body, except for this ability starts to decrease around the age of 30, which is why collagen supplementation has become such a fan favorite for skin care enthusiasts! 

Freshwater fish collagen peptide also: 

  • Has a better amino acid profile than other types of collagens 
  • Is absorbed better by the body 
  • It is easier to digest 
  • Has a high concentration of glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, which are the primary agents responsible for stimulating cell regeneration in the skin, hair, and nails 


Proven skin restructuring effects 

Vinh Wellness is a single-sourced freshwater collagen peptide. Its beneficial effects on skin beauty have been demonstrated in double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical studies. In the single-centered, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, we evaluated the safety of Vinh Wellness Collagen consumption and its anti-aging effects, namely wrinkles, skin elasticity, and hydration. Fifty healthy females aged 45 to 60 were treated with 10g/day of Vinh Wellness Collagen or placebo for 12 weeks. 

According to reviews before and after participating in Wellness Collagen treatment, all participants consistently reported more significant improvements in wrinkles, elasticity, hydration, firmness, and radiance than those with placebo, ranging from 14 to 25%. Get our clinical study. 

To learn more about this source, contact Vinh Wellness here. 

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