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Tasty solutions to nutrition for elders with collagen

According to the United Nations, 1 in every 6 people will be over age 60 by 2030, compared to 1 in every 8 in 2015. By 2050, the prediction will rise to 1 in every 5 people. (*) Today, more aging individuals are looking to prevent the issues of aging while keeping up their lifestyles. The baby boomers and gen X plan on working longer and staying active as long as possible, and they want natural and effective products to boost their health. The article below discusses a popular health supplement trend for the elderly: Collagen, “the foundation of life”.

1. Healthy Aging: Consumers embrace the passage of time and look toward wellness

Anti-aging is becoming an outmoded concept when strictly applied to cosmetics and other functional products. The consumers’ mindset is shifting to accept aging as a part of life. Instead of fighting against aging by using products with traditional anti-aging claims, they are embracing their years and looking for solutions to support wellness. With increasing knowledge of the factors contributing to aging, savvy consumers are looking for a means to support and reduce the effects of aging to enjoy a healthier life. This change in thinking coincides with the emerging quest for well-being that has been taking hold in recent years.

2. Collagen, “the foundation of life”

While collagen is produced naturally in our body, less and less of it is made as we age. Decreased collagen production is a medically recognized sign of aged skin. The stalling of collagen synthesis in the body also leads to joint pain and stiffness, hair loss or flattening, and a decrease in the elasticity of ligaments and tendons. The natural decline of collagen production makes us painfully aware of the passing of the years.

Collagen, ‘the building block of life’, emerges in healthy aging supplements. Collagen is a natural ingredient backed by science that can support active and healthy lifestyles by promoting muscle and joint health while meeting the other needs of reducing aging in the skin.

Taking collagen supplements can boost protein intake. Studies also indicated that increasing protein consumption can reduce age-related muscle loss and promote muscle function, improving the overall quality of life.

Vinh Wellness freshwater collagen peptides are the next generation of fish collagen that provides high collagen type I levels for the human body. It is a natural, single source, traceability, high purity, a unique and highly beneficial amino acid profile, and offers the properties and benefits aging consumers are looking for in supporting their efforts to live well. Vinh Wellness freshwater collagen is the nutritional ingredient that meets the growing demand for preventive nutrition.

3. Convenient, tasty, and functional

Around the world, the functional food and beverage market is gaining ground in the growing nutrition segment for baby boomers and Gen X. Today’s aging consumers are looking for science-backed functional solutions that are tasty, convenient, and can easily integrate into their daily lives. Answering these demands, collagen is fast becoming the ideal ingredient for an increasing number of senior nutrition manufacturers, with freshwater fish collagen emerging as a premium, accessible, and cost-effective option for a broad range of formulations and applications. To learn more about information, contact us today.

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